Certified Medication Assistant

CARING Senior Living

Job Type:

Full Time



About the Role

The Certified Medication Assistant assists Residents with Medication Administration & treatments under the direction of the RN. The CMA shall also be responsible for providing personal care to Assisted Living Residents, providing light housekeeping and maintaining the cleanliness and neatness of resident apartments, resident’s laundry and assistance in dining services.


  • High School Diploma or GED

  • Certified Nursing Assistant Certificate or

  • Certified Home Health Aide Certificate

  • 1 year of CNA / CHHA experience

  • Successful completion of medication administration

  • training course & statewide standardized, written

  • competency test.

  • CMA certification in the state of New Jersey

General Responsibilities

  • Maintains a working relationship with the LPN, DON, Assisted living Administrators and all other nursing staff.

  • Maintains a professional relationship with all residents.

  • Maintains confidentiality of verbal and written information pertaining to residents, facility operations and other personnel.

  • Maintains residents privacy and dignity.

  • Encourages residents to maintain their independency.

  • Has a full understanding of fire, emergency and safety procedure.

  • Adheres to policies and procedures and standards regarding infection control.

  • Has a full understanding of the hazards and safety of oxygen being used by residents.

  • Assist residents with medication administration following proper medication techniques as learned in CMA course.

  • Be able to properly demonstrate the FIVE RIGHTS of medication administration and Safe Medication Practices.

  • Maintain frequent close communication with the RN.

  • Properly identify medication and residents before administering medication.

  • Document on MARS when medication has or has not been given.

  • Notify LPN / RN if resident not given or refuses medication.

  • Notify LPN / RN immediately if medication error has occurred and document appropriately.

  • Check all meds daily and call pharmacy for needed refills.

  • Quarterly, direct observation and supervision of the medication administration task by the RN.

  • Receive medications from pharmacy and document that they were delivered.

  • Provides AM & PM personal care to assigned residents including partial or complete bath, oral hygiene, care of hair, incontinence care including changing adult briefs as needed.

  • Takes weights and vital signs (TPR & BP) monthly & as requested by nurse, record and report results to nurse.

  • Provide ambulation assistance as needed

  • Assist with transfer to & from bed.

  • Report any change in resident status to nurse immediately.

  • Respond to emergency calls & assist nurse as needed.

  • Report any accidents, injuries, or complaints to nurse or administrator immediately.

  • Deliver supplies and equipment to residents.

  • Provide light housekeeping.

  • Cleans refrigerator, stove/oven, cabinets and silverware drawers as needed.

  • Vacuum and dust as needed

  • Assist with laundry: washing & drying clothes, folding laundry and putting away.

  • Strip and remake bed as needed but at least 1x per week.

  • Clean the bathroom including bathroom floor, vanity, toilet, and shower/tub.

  • Removes trash from residents apartments daily.

  • Assist resident with meal service as needed. Ex: meal preparation & cutting up foods, set-up, clearing and washing dishes.

  • Report any unsafe equipment to nurse / administrator.

  • Maintain the cleanliness and neatness of the storage room and inventory of supplies.

  • Removal of trash from Administrator / Nursing offices.

  • Abides by established guidelines of the facility and governing regulations.

  • Any other responsibilities deemed necessary by the administrator.