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adult developmental disability

Transitional Adult Program

Structured daily program for adults with developmental disabilities.

About the Program

CARING’s Transitional Adult Program (T.A.P.) at CARINGPlace in Pleasantville is designed to meet the needs of adults with a developmental disability who require specialized care. The goal of the program is to provide a comfortable, inviting environment for socialization, as well as retention and building of new skills.


The program is available Monday through Friday. T.A.P. is a daily facility-based program that includes nursing care, recreational activities, sensory stimulation, physical and occupational therapy, and access to community events.


Lunch is prepared on-site in the CARING kitchen, which can accommodate special diets. The program facility includes a small salon, physical therapy room, quiet rooms, and a fence-enclosed outdoor wander garden with an accessible 1/10 mile trail.

Who Qualifies?

Funding for T.A.P. is provided by the New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities (“DDD”). Participants of T.A.P. must be eligible for Medicaid and determined to be eligible for DDD benefits through the supports program or community care program.


For more information, please contact T.A.P. Director Heather Furca at    (609)484-7050 Ext#231 or

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